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The SM Center

For Space, Time and the Quantum


Objectif. Fundamental physics is facing a major challenge. Quantum theory and general relativity have opened new perspectives on reality, but their merge asks us to rethink our understanding of basic notions like Time, Space and the Quanta. Institutional agencies supporting theoretical physics research focus on the development of mathematical tools, but research cannot confine itself to these tools, neglecting direct physical intuition. Physical intuition based on experimental results and the qualitative content of the successful physical has always represented, historically, the essential source of our understanding of the physical world. The main objective of the Samy Maroun Center is to promote fundamental research on Time, Space and Quanta, grounded in the first place on the capacity of intuition to imagine and describe the world.


Activities. The main activities of the Center are:
i. Support to research activity in quantum gravity.
ii. Support for students, doctoral students and postdocs.
iii. Promotion of research meetings.

Governance. The Center is directed by a president (Carlo Rovelli), under the guidance of the honorary president (Mr. Samy Maroun), The president is advised by a scientific committee (Scientific Advisory Board).

Administrative form. The Center is a "Association Simple", in the French law.

Affiliation. Articles and other scientific production produced by members of the Center who enjoy support from the Center will include the acknowledgement to "The Samy Maroun Center for Time, Space and the Quantum".

Students and researchers supported financially by the Center:

Formerly: Goffredo Chirco (2014-2015, Post-Doc), Sylvain Carozza (2014-2015, Post-Doc)

Currently: Marios Christodoulou (2014- , PhD), Fabio d'Ambrosio (2015- , PhD)

Status de l'Association.

The Center relies on private founding. Any financial help is welcome.
Contributions can be wired to the account:

IBAN: FR76 1027 8079 02000 2022 0401 47
Account holder: CENTRE SAMY MAROUN
Bank: Crédit Mutuel, Cassis-Carnoux, 14 rue de l'Arène, 13260, Cassis, France

or writing to


Honorary President Mr Samy Maroun
President: Carlo Rovelli

Francesca Vidotto

Scientific Advisory Committe:  Sir Roger Penrose, Lee Smolin, Aurélien Barrau,
Members:  Alejandro Perez, Simone Speziale, Thomas Krajevski, Marios Christodoulou, Reiko Toriumi, Sylvain Carrozza, Goffredo Chirco, Miklos Langvik, Seramika Ariwahjoedi, François Collet, Tommaso De Lorenzo, Davide Lillo.



  Address :  Parc Maraveyre, bat 1
  13260 Cassis, France


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